ASERA 55 Call for Abstracts

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How To Submit An Abstract for ASERA55

**The Call for Abstracts will open in November 2023. More information will be added here soon!**

To be considered for either an oral paper or poster presentation at the conference, submit an abstract of no more than 200 words. Symposiums are also welcome.

It is expected that all abstracts will be relevant to science education research.

All abstracts submitted will be refereed and applicants will be notified if they are successful.

Image: Massey University

Image: Massey University

Image: Massey University

Conference Session Formats

There are three types of proposal submissions possible for ASERA55:

1. Paper Presentation

  • Oral paper presentation sessions will be allocated 20 minutes for the paper presentation time and about 10-15 minutes for questions and discussion time.
  • Participants seeking to lead a paper presentation need to be able to engage the audience in critical, but positive, conversation between researcher and audience.
  • Please ask audience members to provide their email address if they want a copy of your paper so you can distribute it electronically after the presentation.

2. Poster Presentation

  • The “Posters and Refreshments” session will run on Thursday and Friday afternoons, and all posters will be on display in the dedicated area.
  • Researchers should prepare a poster (A1= 594mm x 841mm) that details the research (questions, methodology, analysis and results) and a short introduction to the key ideas of the research.

3. Symposium

  • Symposium presentation sessions will be allocated a double conference slot and may consist of 3-4 papers to be presented around a common theme.
  • It is expected that half the time will be allocated to questions and discussion time.

All abstracts should include the following information:

  • Author(s) information: Author(s) name/s, Author(s) affiliation, & email addresses
  • Type of presentation: Identify whether a Paper, Poster or Symposium presentation is proposed
  • Title of the presentation/symposium
  • Abstract: context, significance, research aim or question, methodology, findings or results (maximum 200 words)

N.B., Research students should clearly identify their supervisor’s name on their proposal. This is so that presentation clashes can be avoided, and supervisors are able to attend their student’s session.

Submission Limit Information for Research Students/Supervisors

Submission Limit

  • There is a limit to the number of papers that an author may submit for presentation. The ASERA Board limits any author to a maximum of two presentations as either first author or collaborator.
  • However, a person can be listed on more than two abstracts if clearly identified as a supervisor of the presenter (e.g., supervisor of a HDR student presenter) or as a non-presenting author as part of a large research team.
  • Any instances where a person is listed on multiple abstracts should be managed by exception.

Research Students & Supervisors

  • Research students should clearly indicate their supervisor's name on their proposal so that presentation clashes can be avoided and supervisors are able to attend their student’s session.
  • The student paper will not impact the supervisor's submission limit

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