Executive Board

Peter Aubusson 

Peter Aubusson is Professor of Education at the University of Technology Sydney where he specialises in science education.  He has researched science education and teacher learning and development for over fifteen years. 

As Managing Director, Peter oversees the work of ASERA and reports on its performance and activities to the membership. Peter’s aim is to ensure that ASERA promotes science education research and that ASERA is a vibrant organisation that serves the needs of its members.


Ange Fitzgerald 

Ange Fitzgerald is a senior lecturer at Monash University. Her main focus is engaging in activities that support pre- and in-service teachers in developing their confidence and competence in the learning and teaching of science in primary school settings.

Ange is the Secretary/Treasurer for ASERA and is responsible for overseeing the administrative and financial functions of the organisation. In doing this, she supports the other Directors achieve their goals for the membership.


Stephen Ritchie 

Stephen Ritchie is the Dean of the School of Education at Murdoch University.

He has led nationally funded projects that have focused on the emotional engagement of students in science classes and the emotional experiences of beginning science teachers.

Stephen’s role on the ASERA Board is to advise on policy issues. He was also Editor-in-Chief of Research in Science Education from 2008 to 2012, inclusive.

Deb Corrigan 

Deborah Corrigan is a Professor in Science Education at Monash University. She has been a member of ASERA since 1991 and has held a number of position on the ASERA Board including Secretary/Treasurer and is the past editor of Research in Science Education.

Her current role focuses on the development  and maintenance of the ASERA website.

Bronwen Cowie 

Bronwen Cowie is Director of the Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research, The Faculty of Education, The University of Waikato.

She has worked on a number of large national research projects including the Laptops for teachers evaluation, the Evaluation of Environmental Education in schools and kura, and the Curriculum Stocktake National Schools Sampling Study.

Bronwen’s role on the ASERA Board is Emerging Research Support. 

David Treagust

David Treagust is Professor of Science Education at Curtin University. His research interests involve:

  1. the theoretical developments of conceptual change,
  2. the use of analogies, models in engendering conceptual change,
  3. diagnostic and formative assessment in science, and
  4. the use of multiple representations in teaching and learning science.

As past Managing Director/President (2003-2010), David’s role on the Board includes general advice based on my corporate memory of ASERA and liaison with international groups like NARST.

Kathryn Paige

Kathy Paige is a senior lecturer in science and mathematics education at the University of South Australia. Her research interests include pre-service science and mathematics education for primary and middle students, education for sustainability (EfS) and place-based education.  
Kathy’s role at ASERA focusses on Science Education Policy. She highlights two key focus areas for ASERA;  ACARA and the Australian curriculum and the TEMAG report and changes to Initial Teacher Education.

Rebecca Cooper

Rebecca Cooper is a lecturer in Science Education at Monash University. She works predominantly with preservice and inservice science teachers and her research interests include; pedagogical knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge development, improving the quality of science teaching to increase student engagement and working with teachers on promoting values in their science teaching.

Rebecca is the Early Career Researcher (ECR) representative on the ASERA board. If you are an ECR and would like to know more about ASERA or have some ideas about ways that the association could better support you then please get in touch with Rebecca. 

Leah Moore

Leah Moore is an Associate Professor at the University of Canberra. She teaches and researchers earth and environmental science with a science education speciality. Leah conducts research in: science curriculum analysis, science teacher PCK development, innovative use of available technologies in teaching, and post-colonial science education.

Leah’s role on the ASERA Board is to assist membership with Conference support - a pivotal role, supporting  one of ASERA’s major activities.

David Geelan

David Geelan is Deputy Head of School (Learning and Teaching) and an Associate Professor in the School of Education and Professional Studies, Griffith University
David is co-Editor in Chief of ASERA's journal, Research In Science Education (RISE), a top-5 science education research journal internationally. With co-Editor in Chief Donna King he leads a team of Associate Editors and Assistant Editors, and leads and maintains the Editorial Board and approximately 400 reviewers