Pre-conference workshops

Planning and Writing about Research - PhD students and Early Career Researchers

The biennial ASERA pre-conference workshop for PhD students and Early Career Researchers will be held on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th of June 2016 at the QT hotel. The broad focus for the Workshop will be on planning and writing about research rather than the more specific methodological aspects of research.

Four themes will be addressed in the workshop:

  • clarifying research topics and ethical issues,
  • conceptualizing the structure of the thesis and ongoing research program,
  • communication within the thesis and the examination process,
  • communication beyond the thesis – publishing, conferences, and student supervision.

This workshop is partially subsidised. Support includes registration and workshop expenses but does not include transport or all accommodation. You must be registered for the ASERA conference to register for this workshop.

Interested participants should do two things:

  1. Register interest in attending this pre-conference workshop at the time of Registration for the ASERA meeting, and you will be contacted if you have been selected to have funding support. There is space for up to 15 participants in the workshop.
  2. Send an email to: Bronwen Cowie: and Margaret Drummond:
    Please put the following information in the Subject line: ASERA 2016 Pre-Conference Workshop – your surname

Provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Contact details
  • Email
  • Mobile
    • Institution and degree enrolled in
    • Briefly, current stage of degree (e.g. writing up, looking for problem, collecting data, etc)
    • Briefly, what you hope to achieve by participating in the workshop
    • Research degree completed (latest if more than one) – thesis title, institution, date of completion
    • Briefly, area of research interest
    • Briefly, what you hope to achieve by participating in the workshop.

Science by Doing


The Science by Doing program consists of:

  • professional learning resources that use digital technology in innovative ways,
  • comprehensive online curriculum units for years 7 to 10, and
  • a professional learning approach that involves establishing collaborative school teaching teams.

The resources are available free to Australian educators and students by simply registering on the Science by Doing website

Pre-conference workshop

A one-day pre-conference workshop will be held on Tuesday 28th June, prior to the ASERA conference in Canberra in 2016. The purpose of the workshop is to explain how the Science by Doing program could support university teacher education. The professional learning modules in particular are very useful for pre-service teachers in improving pedagogical skills. In fact some universities are already using the modules in their courses.

Features of Teacher Education supportchildren

The workshop will be conducted with university educators to:

  • increase their awareness of the Science by Doing program especially the online curriculum units,
  • explain how the professional learning can be used in pre-service teacher education courses,
  • examine ways of establishing university and school partnerships that would assist in the implementation of Science by Doing.

Funding support to attend workshop

A return airfare to Canberra will be available to one university educator from each Australian university. The expectation is that the university educator would have some responsibility for pre-service secondary science education within their university. If you are interested in applying for travel funding please complete the application form (link below).

Application for Travel funding for Science by Doing ASERA pre conference workshop

Interested participants should register their interest in attending this pre-conference workshop at the time of Registration for the ASERA meeting. There is space for up to 70 participants in the workshop.

Workshop venue

The workshop will be conducted in the Shine Dome at the Australian Academy of Science.


The quality of the award winning Science by Doing professional learning modules will provide a concrete basis for enhancing pre-service science teacher education. The online curriculum units demonstrate how to translate the inquiry pedagogy into direct classroom action with support provided through the comprehensive teacher guides that can assist inexperienced teachers.