Executive Board

Rebecca Cooper

Bec is a Senior Lecturer at Monash University. Her research interests include development of teachers’ knowledge and expertise for science teaching and learning. In particular, her research focuses on how knowledge can be developed at different stages of teachers’ career and how this influences teaching practice and student learning outcomes in science education. 

Bec is the Managing Director/President of ASERA.

Linda Hobbs

Linda Hobbs

Linda is an Associate Professor of Education (Science Education) at Deakin University. Her research interests include teaching out-of-field, STEM education, teacher learning and school change, partnerships in educations, as well as evaluation of education-based initiatives. She has designed, implemented and evaluated professional learning for primary and secondary teachers of science and STEM for over ten years.

Linda is Vice President of ASERA.

Jared Carpendale

Jared is a Senior Lecturer in Teacher Education in the Institute of Education, Massey University. His research interests include physics, chemistry, and integrated STEM education, along with out-of-field teaching, with a focus on teachers' specialised knowledge and expertise for making decisions. Jared’s research explores effective professional learning and development opportunities for teachers to support their knowledge development. In addition to this research, he teaches chemistry, physics and science education as part of their initial teacher education courses.

Jared is Treasurer of ASERA.

David Treagust

David Treagust is Professor of Science Education at Curtin University. His research interests involve the theoretical developments of conceptual change; the use of analogies, models in engendering conceptual change; diagnostic and formative assessment in science; and the use of multiple representations in teaching and learning science.

As past Managing Director/President (2003-2010), David’s role on the Board includes general advice based on his corporate memory of ASERA and liaison with international groups like NARST.

Pauline Roberts

Pauline Roberts is a Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies at Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Perth, WA. She has taught across the education sector in Early Childhood and Primary and Tertiary settings in a range of curriculum and content areas. Pauline’s doctoral research centred on the use of an ePortfolio to scaffold reflection in pre-service teachers which remains an ongoing area of interest and research. In her current role at ECU Pauline has undertaken teaching in the Science content area for Early Childhood with the goal of developing play-based approaches to the development of science skills and concepts in young children.

Jan van Driel

Jan van Driel is a professor of science education at Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne. He is also co-editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Science Education. His research focuses on science teacher knowledge and professional learning in the context of pre-service teacher education and educational innovation. As a former schoolteacher, he holds the view that an educational researcher should be engaged in issues of practice and policy. Therefore, most of his research is done in close collaboration with schools and teachers, and he publishes regularly in professional journals and gives lectures and workshops at conferences for teachers. Jan is passionate about working with HDR students and is keen for ASERA to support HDR students.

Jan is a mentor of ASERA  ECR & HDRs.

David Geelan

David Geelan is a Professor and National Head of School, Education, at the University of Notre Dame Australia. Specialties: teaching, educational research, research methodology, teacher education, educational technology, science education

David is on the ASERA board as the immediate past Managing Director/President of ASERA, and supports ASERA's web site.

Reece Mills

Reece Mills

Reece commenced his educational career as a senior secondary Earth Science teacher before commencing his current appointment as a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Creative Industries, Education, and Social Justice at QUT. He is passionate about developing quality science teachers and is committed to using his academic work to promote scientific literacy for the 21st century.

Reece is the Secretary and ECR Representative on the ASERA Board.

Kim Nichols

Kim Nichols is Director of Research and Associate Professor of Science Education within the School of Education at The University of Queensland.

As Co-Editor-in-Chief of RISE, Kim is a co-opted member of the ASERA Board representing RISE and ensuring the membership are informed about the journal’s activities and profile.

Wendy Nielsen

Wendy is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at the University of Wollongong. Her research interests include science teaching and learning, in particular, how educational technology can be used to support student learning and teachers teaching about science.

As Co-Editor-in-Chief of RISE, Wendy is a co-opted member of the ASERA Board representing RISE and ensuring the membership are informed about the journal’s activities and profile.

Carol Aldous

Carol is a Senior Lecturer in Science Education at Flinders University. Her research interests include the impact of STEM industry engagements on preservice teachers learning and teaching and its flow on effect to students in schools. In particular, she is interested in what happens at the boundary when students move between the two different learning environments of industry and science teacher education. Carol also researches in the fields of creativity and creative problem solving in science and mathematics.

Rekha Koul

Rekha Koul  is the conference co-convenor for ASERA 53 (2022) which will be held in June, Perth, WA.

Rachel Sheffield

Rachel  is the conference co-convenor for ASERA 53 (2022) which will be held in June, Perth, WA.

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