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Membership Subscriptions

Once you have completed and submitted the membership form and your payment has been confirmed, you will be registered as an ASERA member.

ASERA membership payments are processed via DPS Payment Express gateway. There are two payment options:

Recurring Subscription 

If you plan to be a member of ASERA long-term, select the recurring payment option above and off you go! 

After setting up a recurring subscription payment, the credit card account used to make your initial subscription payment will be automatically re-billed on an annual basis. If you establish a recurring subscription this payment method will continue automatically until you cancel it.

If you wish to cancel your subscription or to change your credit card details, you can do this via My Account. 

Single Payment

Select this option if you only plan to be a member of ASERA for a short time. 

Following the expiry of your subscription, you will cease to be an ASERA member. You will receive an automatic reminder email one month before your subscription expires. You will need to revisit and reapply for membership, otherwise your membership will be automatically cancelled.