With profound thanks to the Program Committee - Kim Nichols, Christine McDonald and Donna King - the ASERA 2018 Conference Committee is delighted to present a draft program for the conference in the Gold Coast in June. See the attached or go to http://bravus.com.au/ASERA2018GCDraftProgram.pdf

Some events, such as the ASERA Board Meeting, are planned but have not been included here for the sake of simplicity.

Paper sessions are indicated as 40 minutes each, and have been clustered so that ideally attendees will remain for the entire session. In order to allow movement between papers, however, session chairs will be asked to time the sessions to finish at the 37-minute mark, allowing 3 minutes for movement. Careful time-keeping to ensure fairness to all presenters is important.

The conference is designed to finish at 2:30 pm on Friday to allow those who need to travel home plenty of time. We would strongly encourage conference attenders to plan to remain until the end of the conference. One of the reasons for presenting this draft program early is to ensure that travel plans can accommodate this. Of course, you could also plan to stay an extra few days in the Gold Coast! Let's make Friday a full and vibrant conference day.

The conference committee has tried hard to meet all requests, but any corrections, additions or requests in relation to the draft program should be sent to David Geelan d.geelan@griffith.edu.au

Early Bird registration prices finish on 26 April, less than 3 weeks away, so we would encourage everyone planning to register for the conference to do so as soon as possible, at http://bit.ly/2Hwzrg4

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Friday, 6 April 2018