New co-editor-in-chief of RISE

With thanks to support to the ASERA Board and RISE Associate Editors, a new co-editor-in-chief of RISE has been appointed to replacement Professor Donna King from the start of 2020.

A/Prof Kim Nichols is the successful applicant and brings a wealth of experience in science education research. Kim has been an Associate Editor for RISE and works at The University of Queensland as a STEM educator. In this role she explores school STEM education that supports learners' engagement, higher order thinking and scientific literacy through contemporary STEM topics, computational modelling, collaborative multimodal inquiry, connections to industry professionals and informal learning environments. Kim’s profile can be found at

Kim has been appointed for three years and will work alongside continuing co-editor-in-chief, A/Prof Angela Fitzgerald.

On behalf of the ASERA Board and Membership, we welcome Kim into this role and thank Donna for her incredible service to RISE (2017-2019).


Last updated: 
Friday, 9 August 2019