What educational preparations can be made in response to changes in future society?

The Department of Educational Studies, Faculty of Human Science at Macquarie University invites you to a seminar with visiting scholar, Dr Jinwoong Song.

Date: Saturday 30 June 2018, 3-5pm

Venue: Macquarie University, Room 045, 29 Wally's Walk, (O11 on the map, building number #29) 

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Dr Jinwoong Song (Professor, Science Education) and his research group from Seoul National University will be in Sydney on 30 June 2018.   This is a good opportunity for researchers/academics in Sydney who are interested in Korean research studies on trends in education to meet with Dr Song’s project team.

Dr Song is involved in several multi-year science education projects that are projecting future education trends in Korea. Two of these projects, titled Glocal Social Changes and Educational Response (GCER) and the development of Korea Science Education Standards (KSES) for the next generation, involve science education groups across several other Asian countries.

Following Dr Song's presentation, the project team will also share one of their ongoing sub-studies. Dr Jina Chang, who is a postdoctoral researcher in this team, will present how to construct external representations in science digital textbooks.

Based on this seminar, we will discuss what educational preparations can be made in response to changes in future society.



 Dr Joanne Mulligan (Professor, Macquarie University, Sydney)

 Dr David F. Treagust (Professor, Science Education, Curtin University, WA)

 Dr Garry Falloon (Professor, Macquarie University, Sydney)


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Dr Hye-eun Chu

Science Education Lecturer

Department of Educational Studies, Macquarie University

Office Phone: (+02) 9850 8002

Email: hye-eun.chu@mq.edu.au


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