Speaking UP 4 the Planet - A pre-service teacher competition

Deakin University are hosting a national competition for pre-service teachers – SPEAKING UP 4 THE PLANET.

Please see the details in the invitation attached.

In these Anthropocene times, we want to stand in solidarity, voicing our concerns, dreams, and action plans. We want to support our next generation of teachers/educators to stand with us, feeling confident that while we are all experiencing difficult times we have energy and enthusiasm to work towards needed changes.

If you are interested in hosting a SUP4P competition at your university please complete the online registration form https://researchsurveys.deakin.edu.au/jfe/form/SV_9ZTqboAXAdiRXj7 and we will send you the details and invite you to a meeting to find out more (and if you have questions – please email peta.white@deakin.edu.au).  We have a draft invitation ready for you to send your students, for example.  So after our Information meeting, if you still plan to proceed, you will have more tools to provide (such as the process and judging criteria etc).

Our plan is that you host the first level competition at your university and we will support you to do this (with the information necessary).  We may then host a state competition (if needed), which culminates in a national final (which we will host – online).  The national final will be held on the 14th August.

Please be in touch if you need any further information.

Thanks to Phil Smith – this competition was developed out of his initiative SPEAKING 4 the PLANET which is still in operation in schools around the world and we are pleased to be working with him to extend this experience to pre-service teachers across Australia.  Deakin University is supporting this initiative – specifically the School of Education and Deakin Sustainability.


Best wishes

Peta White (ASERA member)

Last updated: 
Monday, 8 June 2020