Invitation to submit a paper.
Interactive simulations - online virtual lab activities - like the ones produced by the PhET project at the University of Colorado are almost ubiquitous in Australian senior secondary physics classrooms, and are spreading to other science disciplines. They are attractive to teachers and students, but the evidence about their effectiveness for learning science concepts is mixed at best. It seems plausible that this is because the focus has been on the educational technology, with little attention paid to the surrounding pedagogy. We suspect - and some preliminary research seems to support the suspicion - that attending to the pedagogy around interactive simulations has potential for student learning.

Associate Professor David Geelan is guest editing a Special Issue of the journal 'Education Sciences' focused on research work on the pedagogy related to the use of interactive simulations.

Please be aware that Education Sciences is an open access journal and does have a publishing charge, but the Special Issue will be peer reviewed and of high quality. 

See the attached flyer, and consider whether there is research work you are doing that might fit in such a Special Issue. The submission deadline is 31 January 2019, and papers will be made available online, open access, as they are accepted. If 10 papers are accepted they will also be published in a paper volume.

The intention of this project is to contribute new knowledge to enhance teacher education and professional learning in relation to how to most effectively teach for conceptual understanding using interactive simulations.

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Wednesday, 28 March 2018