Online Panel on Navigating a Pathway in STEM – What girls and their family supporters need to know

We know that for young people, and their family supporters, navigating a pathway into a STEM career can be challenging for a range of reasons. 

First, STEM offers diverse options in careers, some of which are unknown or misconceived. 

Second, information available can be outdated, limited or misinforming depending on access to information.

We have heard from girls, parents/carers, and teachers, that addressing the challenges to navigating STEM pathways is a priority. This online panel will host a range of people that are passionately involved across the STEM careers sector.

Audience: For girls, parents/carers, and teachers.

11 October 2023, 4:00pm (AEDT) 

To ensure wide engagement and dissemination of this important information to a wider audience, this panel registration is FREE.

Registrants are encouraged to connect to Women in STEMM Australia’s community to stay a part of our network and receive updates. More information and FREE registration: 

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