Topical Collections in RISE

Research in Science Education (RISE) is pleased to announce the introduction of topical collections to complement the ongoing publication of papers through regular and special issues. A topical collection curates papers on a given topic, theme or problem. The articles in a topical collection are published continuously over several issues, making them different from special issues that are time-bounded and assigned to one issue. Articles selected for a topical collection will appear in that collection. At the same time, they will still be published in a regular issue.

Topical collections represent a chance for editors to gather related papers on a topic of contemporary interest to the RISE readership and the wider science education research community. As such, we are interested to develop collections that both consolidate a series of thematically-related papers previously published in RISE and encourage future developments in the field. This approach allows us to connect the rich historical conversation in RISE with contemporary issues that matter to the science education community.

With this objective, RISE has launched two inaugural topical collections on “Artificial Intelligence in Science Education” and “STEM and teaching engineering design”. Interested authors are encouraged to explore these collections and contribute new articles that build upon the ongoing work within the collection. To read more of these collections, please click here.

Authors wishing to submit their manuscripts to a topical collection can indicate their intention via the Editorial Manager submission system. All submissions to a topical collection will undergo the same peer review process and standards. The Editors-in-Chief have the final discretions to choose and include articles in any collection.

Furthermore, RISE welcomes proposals for new topical collections that meet the following criteria:

1.    Relevance to RISE: The topic should have a solid foundation within RISE, as evidenced by a substantial number of previously published articles in RISE. These articles will be curated to form the initial core of the collection.

2.    Timeliness: The topic should focus on current and urgent issues in science education, demonstrating a strong potential to draw future contributions to the collection.

Researchers interested in editing a topical collection are encouraged to contact the Editors-in-Chief (Kok-Sing Tang and Wendy Nielsen)

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