11th International Conference on Science, Mathematics, Technology and Education (icSMTE)

As a legacy from Science Mathematics Education Centre (SMEC), now STEM research group (STEMrg) at School of Education, Curtin University we continue to organise International Conference on Science, Mathematics, Technology and Education (icSMTE) in different parts of the world. Following the successful conferences in Vietnam, South Africa, Canada, Thailand, Taiwan Oman, Indonesia, Malaysia and Mauritius,  next conference is being held in India at the  Punjabi University, Patiala http://www.punjabiuniversity.ac.in/. This conference will provide another intellectually challenging and culturally enriching experience for science, mathematics and technology teachers, teacher educators, researchers, and administrators from all education levels from around the world.

The 11th icSMTE will feature a range of engaging activities, including keynote speeches by renowned experts, panel discussions, and workshops designed to provide in-depth knowledge and foster collaborative research. We believe that your participation will greatly contribute to the success of the conference and provide valuable insights to the attendees. Conference organisers will be honoured to have you join us and share your expertise with our attendees. Your presence will not only enhance the quality of discussions but also inspire future collaborations among participants. In addition to the academic exchanges this conference will give you chance of enjoy the rich heritage of Punjab e.g. Music and Dance, Cuisine, Art and Craft and much more.

For further details visit conference website https://11thsmte2024.weebly.com/ .

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