Call for Primary Science Teacher Educators to be interviewed for a study

Dear ASERA member, if you are in charge of a primary science unit in an Initial Teacher Education course, you are invited to participate in a new study of design practice in ITE. Jenny will be attending ASERA in Adelaide so if you would like more information about the project or agree to being interviewed it could be scheduled face to face at the conference.

PROJECT TITLE: Design decision-making in primary science Initial Teacher Education: A pilot study

What is the project about?

This pilot research project investigates design processes in primary science initial teacher education courses in Australia. The aim of the project is to understand university teachers’ decision making in final primary science units related to curriculum and pedagogy. The project’s objective is to document richness and variety in university-based initial teacher education in primary science from the professional perspective of teacher educators. The project will provide participants with the opportunity to reflect upon decision-making in their professional practice. The project outcome of describing design approaches in Australia will also be of interest to participants. 

Who is undertaking the project?

This project is being conducted by a team led by Dr Jenny Martin. Dr Martin has a strong background in science education research.

What would participating involve?

We are seeking to interview Primary Science Teacher Educators across Australia. The interviews will focus on course design, your aspirations for your students and the contingencies you deal with in the design process. 

This sounds interesting, where can I get more information?

Contact Jenny via phone or email and she will send you a Participant Information Letter that goes into more detail about the project.

Ph 03 9953 3286 

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