How can we shape science citizens? What the PISA 2025 Science Framework tells us about the future of science education

Dear Science colleagues,

You might be interested to attend this launch of the PISA 2025 Science Framework. Through PISA, the OECD has pursued a progressive agenda of influencing Science Education to reflect the needs of a future society. In this round, the Expert Group has introduced competencies that clarify the nature of epistemic knowledge and critical perspectives on scientific information, encourage learning focused on decision making and action, and importantly represent a response to contemporary environmental crises through creating competencies related to ‘Agency in the Anthropocene’.

More information can be found below:

Oxford University Press and the OECD invite the global science education community to join us for an online event to launch the PISA 2025 Science Framework. To help us understand how prepared learners are, OUP has collaborated with the OECD to develop the PISA 2025 Science Framework to help policy makers understand the capabilities and progress of 15-year-olds worldwide in science. To mark the launch and delivery of the Framework, OUP and the OECD are hosting a launch event to share how the Framework was developed and what it means for the role that the education community plays in shaping science citizens. A key part of the Framework is that science educators are not only educating the scientists of the future, but also empowering learners to navigate and play an active role in tackling everyday challenges, such as climate change and public health.

Join us online for an expert panel conversation, bringing together some of the experts behind the Framework and other leading figures in the science education community, to explore issues related to science and sustainability.

Date and Time: Thu, Jun 15, 2023 · 9:00 PM   | Sydney (GMT +10:00)

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