Job Opportunity: Postdoctoral Research Associate in School Science Education using Citizen Science

Learning by Doing
 (LBD) is a research project funded by the New South Wales Department of Education and led by academics from the University of Sydney and Taronga Conservation Society. LBD aims to design, implement, and assess citizen science learning programs and frameworks for primary and secondary schools, to better engage students in science, enhance their experience and improve learning outcomes. Through curriculum aligned programs, LBD aims to engage students in authentic Australian science research, support and empower teachers to use citizen science as a tool for science learning, and propose ways to incorporate citizen science approaches and projects into the NSW science curriculum. Using a research-based approach, LBD is investigating how students and their communities learn about: science, and the complexity of science, through involvement in real research projects, and co-designing strategies to enhance learning opportunities. The application closes on 29 November 2021.

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