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Dear Wonderful Person and Teacher Educator,

We (your colleagues from School of Education at Curtin University) have been nominated by the Australian National Commission for UNESCO to help conduct a national study on Global Citizenship Education (GCED) in Australia for an UNESCO project on GCED in the Asia-Pacific region. The study is part of the research contributing to a key output of the project – Practical Guide on Whole-School Approach to GCED for Teachers and School Leaders. Your comments and feedback will provide us with valuable data and information which will support this UNESCO study. As UNESCO is an NGO and funds are very limited this is a labour of love for our team, and UNESCO need this as soon as possible.

We need your help and those of your network of wonderful colleagues in Australia to find out what is happening around GCED and its components in Teacher Education. We would REALLY REALLY appreciate you completed the 10-minute survey and forward this email to all the Teacher Educators in your networks (within Australia) so they can complete the survey. To ensure an accurate representation of Australia we would appreciate as many survey completions as possible.

We are very grateful in you taking the time to complete the survey and forward this email to colleagues.

Kind regards

Dr Sonja Kuzich, Dr. Rachel Sheffield, Dr Henny Nastiti

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