Special Issue of Education Science

We invite you to consider contributing to a Special Issue of Education Science.

Special issue: “STEM Practices in Informal Education Spaces”

Guest editors: Seamus Delaney and Linda Hobbs

Some possible key questions considered for this Special Issue:

  • What education values and contributions occur outside of the formal education setting?
  • How can teachers engage with STEM practice, learning and teaching in ways that occur outside of their formal classrooms?
  • How can teaching and learning be incorporated into non-school settings, such as science, maths and technology learning centres and museums, or into outreach and extracurricular programs based inside or outside the university or industrial sector settings?
  • How can policy influence education in informal STEM settings? What is needed to capture the regulatory requirements around how teachers approach teaching science, maths and technology?
  • What practices can encourage the engagement of teachers with citizen science initiatives, socio-scientific issues and activism, such as in energy technology, climate change and sustainable development?

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NOTE: Education Sciences is a 'Q2' journal (Scimago), open source, with a strong focus on Special Issues.

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    1. Hi Marilyn
      Thank you for your comment. Whilst RISE is owned by ASERA, all ASERA members are welcome to send us articles which may be of interest to our ASERA community. This special issue of Education Science is being edited by 2 ASERA members. ASERA aims to promote science education research and collaboration.

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